The 5 Best Places To Watch Uncharted On Netflix

There’s a new Uncharted game coming out, and if you’re a fan of the series, you’re probably wondering where to watch Uncharted it. Lucky for you, Netflix has got your covered! Here are five of the best places to watch Uncharted on Netflix.


Madagascar is a beautiful, fascinating island country that’s perfect for exploring on your Netflix account. The diverse landscape and wildlife—from hippos to lemurs to elephants—will keep you engaged for hours on end.

So what are the best places to watch Uncharted on Netflix? As with any list like this, it’s impossible to include every possible location, so we’ve put together a few of our favourites.

If you’re looking for a location that captures the sense of adventure and excitement that comes with Uncharted, nothing beats the Madagascar jungle. Stand at the top of the rainforest canopy and take in the sights and sounds of wild animals below. For an even more immersive experience, book a tour through one of Madagascar’s many adventure spots like Ranomafana National Park or Tsitombe National Park.

In addition to its breathtaking natural beauty, Madagascar also has plenty of historical sites to explore. Piton de la Fournaise is one of the world’s most active volcanoes and its slopes are home to some impressive archaeological discoveries dating back thousands of years. Alternatively, explore Antananarivo—Madagascar’s capital city—or visit one of its numerous beaches for some relaxation time in paradise.

Whether you’re a fan of action-packed thrillers or simply want some stunning scenery to relax in, Madagascar is an excellent option for watching Uncharted on Netflix.


If you’re looking for a thrilling adventure with some of the best visuals on Netflix, you should definitely check out Uncharted. This series follows Nathan Drake as he tries to find treasure and defeat his opponents in an exciting game of hide-and-seek. If you’re not familiar with the games, don’t worry – the show is completely standalone and can be watched without any knowledge of the games.

There are a few different versions of Uncharted available on Netflix, so make sure you pick the one that’s right for you. The first three episodes are available for free, so if you’re just curious about the show or want to get a taste before committing to watching the whole series, this is a great option.

Once you start watching Uncharted, there’s no way to stop until you’ve seen it all. The action is nonstop and there are plenty of cliffhangers at the end of each episode that will leave you wanting more. If cliffhangers aren’t your thing or if you’re looking for something shorter to watch, there’s also an entire season available that’s only 12 episodes long.

Whether you’re a fan of video games or not, Uncharted is definitely worth checking out on Netflix. You won’t be disappointed – especially if action is your favorite genre!


If you’re a fan of the Uncharted series, there are definitely some great places to watch the series on Netflix. Here are five of the best:

1. Nairobi – Kenya is a great place to watch the Uncharted series, as it’s based in Kenya and many of the locations in the games can be seen in real life.

2. Kampala – Uganda also has a lot of locations from the Uncharted games that can be seen onscreen, making this another great choice for fans of the series.

3. Dubai – One of Drake’s main setpieces is his final showdown against Rodrigo Díaz at Piz Pembroke, which can be seen in Dubai.

4. Mumbai – The game’s fourth installment features an infamous scene where Drake infiltrates Sully’s compound underwater in Mumbai.


If you’re a fan of the Uncharted game franchise, you’ll want to check out the streaming options available on Netflix. Here are the three best places to watch Uncharted on Netflix: The Lost Legacy, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, and Uncharted 5: A Thief’s End.

The Lost Legacy is the latest installment in the Uncharted game franchise and takes place five years after the end of Uncharted 4. This story follows Nathan Drake as he searches for his brother Sam and tries to prevent an ancient evil from rising again.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the final installment in the main series and was released in 2016. In this game, Drake has to rescue Elena Fisher from a ruthless warlord and stop an Ancient Conspiracy from infecting Egypt.

Uncharted 5: A Thief’s End is also one of the latest entries in the series and was released in 2017. In this game, Drake must chase down Henry Jones Jr., who has stolen a sacred treasure from a temple in Madagascar.


It’s no secret that Uncharted is one of the most popular video games of all time, so it makes sense that there are tons of fans who would love to watch the entire series on Netflix. Whether you’re a first-time viewer or just looking for a refresher course, these are the 5 best places to watch Uncharted on Netflix.

Los Angeles

If you’re a fan of Uncharted, then you’ll want to check out Netflix’s selection of the games. There are several different versions available, so you can choose what’s best for your taste. Some of the main versions include the PS2 game, the PS3 game, and the Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End game.

If you’re looking for something specific, like an older episode or a specific character’s story arc, then be sure to use the filters on Netflix. You can also watch select scenes from certain games using the “Select Scene” button on the individual show pages.

Netflix also has its own series based on Uncharted that started airing in 2016. The series is set several years after Nathan Drake’s adventures and follows his sister Elena as she tries to find her brother and stop his wild exploits.

New York City

If you’re a fan of the Uncharted video game series, there are plenty of great places to watch them on Netflix. Here are four of our favorites:

-Brooklyn Bridge Park: This Brooklyn park has a beautiful backdrop of the Brooklyn Bridge, and it’s perfect for a peaceful picnic during the day or a scene from one of the games at night.

– Manhattan’s Central Park: If you want an epic view of New York City, Central Park is the place to go. It’s big enough that you can see everything without having to walk too far, but still small enough where you can get lost in its many corners.

-Coney Island: Yes, we said it – Coney Island is another great spot for watching Uncharted. The amusement park is full of classic attractions like rides and boardwalk shops, making for an all around fun experience. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to catch a sunset over the ocean, it’ll be worth every penny (and every jump).

-The Empire State Building: OK so this isn’t really a spot in NYC itself, but we couldn’t leave it off the list! The Empire State Building is easily one of the most iconic buildings in all of New York City and makes for an amazing backdrop when playing through any of the Uncharted games.


If you’re a fan of the Uncharted series, there are few places better to watch them than in Chicago. Here are five great spots to get your Uncharted fix:

1. The AMC River East Theater. This theater is located in the heart of downtown Chicago and features an impressive collection of movie screens and sound systems. If you’re looking for a truly immersive experience, this is the place to go.

2. The Regal Crown Theater in Oak Lawn. This theater is also located downtown, but has a more modern feel than the AMC River East Theater. It’s perfect if you want an upscale experience without having to travel far out of town.

3. The Navy Pier Film Center. This theater is located on the pier in downtown Chicago and offers a lovely view of Lake Michigan as well as top-quality movie theaters and sound systems. It’s perfect if you’re looking for something unique and memorable to enjoy your Uncharted adventures.

4. The Gene Siskel Film Center at University Of Chicago (UC). This theater has been called “the best little movie palace” in Chicago and offers stunning architecture and an incredible selection of movies from all eras and genres that can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter their interests or taste.

5. ViewFinder Theatre at Northeastern Illinois University (NEIU). This small theater tucked away on campus offers amazing views of the city skyline while you enjoy your Uncharted adventure on screen!


If you’re a fan of the Uncharted series, then there are a few places in Philadelphia you can watch the entire trilogy. The classics are located at the Franklin Institute, but if you’re looking for something more convenient, there are several Netflix-compatible theaters in the city.

The Franklin Institute is an impressive museum and its collection includes many archaeological artifacts from all over the world. However, it doesn’t have any screens that show movies or television shows. Instead, visitors have to either attend one of their regular exhibits or leave to find another venue.

The best option for watching Uncharted is at Cinemark Marcus Bridge 24 in South Philadelphia. This theater has 12 screens and an expansive food and beverage menu that includes some items exclusive to the theater such as a Nathan’s hot dog bun loaded with chili cheese sauce and onion strings. Admission is just $8 per person on weekdays and $10 on weekends, which makes it a great value overall.

Another great place to watch Uncharted is Rittenhouse Square Theater. This theater has nine screens and an excellent selection of food and drink options including several craft beers on tap. Admission is also very affordable at just $7 per person on weekdays and $10 on weekends making it a great choice for larger groups who want to be able to enjoy themselves without breaking the bank.

Finally, if you’re looking for something more intimate than a large theater with dozens of other people, then check out CinemaX Philadelphia located inside The Sh


If you’re a fan of the Uncharted games, there are plenty of great places to watch them on Netflix. Here are five of our favorites:

1. The Drake Hotel in Boston: This is the perfect spot if you want to see some of Nathan Drake’s most iconic moments from the games. The hotel features an extensive collection of props and costumes from the games, plus a fully functioning replica of the Sully raft from the game.

2. The White House in Washington D.C.: If history is your thing, then this is definitely the place for you! The White House was used as both a filming location and setting for several scenes in Uncharted 4. You can even visit the Oval Office where Drake and his team try to break into President James Mitchell’s office.

3. E3 Expo in Los Angeles: If you’re looking for a more realistic look at life as a treasure hunter, then this is your spot! The E3 Expo features a huge collection of props and sets from various upcoming video games, including Uncharted 4. You can even walk through the set used for one of the game’s key scenes – Lara Croft searches for Nathan Drake’s body underwater!

4. Gaudi Park in Barcelona: This breathtaking park was used as one of Drake’s climbing locations in Uncharted 4 – and it looks just like it does in the game! There are also several other spots in Barcelona that were used for filming, so it would be worth visiting if

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