Computer Repair Service Prices

If your PC isn’t performing as it should, hiring an expert specialist will cost you an average of $79.50/hr to have it fixed. Regardless, this charge can go as low as $55/hr if you just have a simple PC issue or as much as $99/hr if you have a more complicated issue that requires a big cure. watch restoration

Actual client rates for computer servicing and repair

Work nuances: My PC does not recognise the Western Advanced external hard disc.

Different nuances: When connected to another PC, the external hard drive is recognised and functions normally.

Total Expense: $50

Sam from Queensland: PC Upgrade

Work nuances: Acer Pinnacle is thoroughly checked and cleaned.

Total Expense: $95

Bharat from New South Wales: Hard Drive Substitution

Work nuances include replacing a faulty Toshiba Mk6465gsx HDD with another (different brand)


Andy from WA: Establishment Update

Work subtleties: Introducing refreshes as PC’s operating system was recently changed to Windows 7; won’t refresh as a result.

Total Expense: $99

Mathew from New South Wales: Organizational Structure

Work nuances include introducing and developing an organization that includes four workstations, three printers, and one multifunction printer.

Different nuances: The majority of the necessary equipment is provided.

Total Expense: $440

Michelle from Washington: Information Recovery

Work nuances: Saving information and important documents from an aging Toshiba PC’s hard disc

Total Expense: $270

WA Drug Examination and Infection Evacuation

Work nuances: Checking PC for infection; infection removal may be required.

Project cost: How difficult is the problem?

There are PC repair firms that offer a reasonable rate for a complete career opportunity. Clients who require assistance with a basic PC mend or arrangement are often charged a standard fee of around $121.78.

In any event, if you have some work that demands advanced expertise, be prepared to pay a higher price. Basic organizational arrangement and organization, for example, will cost around $135.75. uk surface pro repair

Technical aspects that contribute to the final cost

PC professionals will assess the damage to your PC or PC and determine the best solution to the problem. They generally consider the model, condition, and specifications of a PC when calculating costs. If any parts need to be replaced, the cost of new parts will be added to the total cost.

The difficulty of the work

PC repairs may take a long time to complete depending on the type of damage. Some replacement parts may also be difficult to obtain or expensive, so prepare your wallet for a higher outlay.


If you are unable to transport your PC to a shop, you can request that your expert come to your home all things considered. However, some organizations impose callout fees, so communicate with them if this type of administration would incur additional costs.

Why would repairs in Queensland and Victoria be less expensive?

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In New South Ribs, you should budget around $90/hr for expert PC administration and repairs. In the meanwhile, PC specialists in Western Australia charge an average of $80/hr for a comparable type of administration.

Residents of Queensland and Victoria have the lowest average charge for computer repairs, which is roughly $65 per hour.

To get the most out of your money, hire an experienced and solid PC professional to handle the job. Technewskey can assist you in locating a trained professional with actual knowledge in PC repair work.

Estimated data as of August 2016.

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