What is a Blog for a Business?

Are you a business leader looking for a growth accelerator? Wondering what a professional blog is for your company? What complementarity and added value will it bring to your corporate website? If you want to improve your overall web strategy, increase your organic traffic and revenue, get into blogging! If you want to generate high quality content and boost your brand image, then the corporate blog is your best ally. Still wondering what a blog is for a business? Discover right away 4 reasons for start a blog.   

1/ Promote the company’s expertise 

While your website mentions products, services and benefits, it does not reflect your level of expertise in your field of activity. The communication of a company must develop its e-reputation and its notoriety, which induces the production of relevant, neat and regular content. The production of non-commercial articles on your products or services will allow customers to verify your seriousness and your knowledge of the subject. 

You can communicate on:

  • technological advances or news;
  • information likely to interest your audience and directly related to your services and/or products;
  • the history of your company, its values;
  • the portrait of one of your employees. 

In short, you can vary the tone, the subjects and indirectly prove your comprehensive and in-depth mastery of your area of ​​expertise. Thus, you are a reference and gain the trust of Internet users, through this rich, free and regularly updated sharing.

In other words, you can change the topic matter and tone while still implicitly demonstrating your thorough and in-depth knowledge of your field. Through this rich, free, and frequently updated sharing, you become a reference and earn Internet users’ confidence.

2/ Take the highway to success

Regularly feeding a blog with quality content increases organic traffic and therefore the number of potential customers for your business. Natural referencing is improved and your notoriety greatly increased. The blog retains a community of curious people and renews the interest of existing customers. In addition, it brings the website to life, bringing a more human face to your company. It invites sharing on social networks and energizes community management. The virtuous loop is complete!

Wondering what a business blog is for? As you have understood, blog articles are high-value-added content. Are you looking for the right pen, reliable and precise? Hire one of our best ghostwriters for hire. Our web editor will be able to identify and decline a set of key requests in order to optimize your referencing and boost your sales. He will know how to give life to your universe and find the tone you were looking for.

The blog keeps a group of enquiring people together and piques the curiosity of returning customers. Additionally, it gives your organization a more human face by bringing the website to life. It encourages social network sharing and revs up community management.

3/ Create a connection with customers

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Says Simon Sinek, a famous British lecturer. What interests your customers, beyond the service offered, lies in the history of your company, your human values ​​and the originality of your universe. What you share as a view of the world, what you display as your tone and as a way of telling stories, will seduce and retain your prospects.

Only the marketing tool that is the blog makes it possible to share an informal communication, to deliver tools and tricks and more still, to interact directly with the Net surfer. Feeling listened to, confident thanks to the moderation of comments on the blog, it will reflect positively on your business. He will join a new community of curious people around your project and will be encouraged to redirect to your website. In addition, thanks to certain tools such as Google Analytics, you will be able to better identify who your potential customers are, what interests them most. You can adjust your offer accordingly. This gives you an invaluable advantage over your competitors who only have a showcase site.

Social networks, although having the wind in their sails, do not make it possible to share such extensive articles or to create a particular universe around a brand, unlike a company blog. Your social presence will be nourished and energized by your publication of articles. Relaying more qualitative and regular information, social networks will increase the community of “followers” ​​and “fans”. They will direct traffic to your website rather than a competitor’s.

Additionally, you will be able to better understand who your potential consumers are and what attracts them thanks to technologies like Google Analytics. You can then modify your offer. You now have a significant advantage over rivals who merely have display websites.

4/ Deploy a global web strategy

Whether it is to highlight your expertise, make yourself known or increase the sympathy of your company, creating a professional blog is part of a global marketing strategy. Your website lists the products or services available while your blog digs into the topics, carries your voice and interacts with customers. The regular publication of rich and inspiring articles contains many keywords searched by Internet users. Thus, new links will be created and will direct potential customers to your blog. Your SEO will be propelled into new spheres. 

The blog also allows you to disseminate information to your partners and collaborators. The internal cohesion of your team can be strengthened and galvanized. Because yes, they too work for a company with values ​​and a unique identity.

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